Install Redis on Windows

Installing and running Redis on Windows has been made so much easier with the release of Microsoft Open Technologies Inc.’s “Redis on Windows”. Following steps will take you through the process of being able to do so. This guide uses Microsoft Visual Studio and if you have that installed, please move on to step two or else start from the first step. By the way, for installing Redis as a service on Amazon Linux/CentOS and Ubuntu, please take a look here and here respectively.


1. Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RC Installer /11/en-us/downloads

There is really nothing special about the installation procedure. Just follow the prompts and give the installation a few minutes. The server will need to reboot a couple of times before the installation is complete however.

Once installation is complete, start Microsoft Visual Studio and use the C++ component.


2. Download Redis on Windows from Github

Note: The file downloaded is
1. Unzip the downloaded file from the github link.
2. Copy the zipped file into the Visual Studio
working directory


3. Using the Visual Studio 2012 RC to Build Redis

1. Select
File -> Open -> Location of MSOpenTech-redis-51804f1
     -> msvs -> RedisServer

Install Redis on Windows

Note: Once the project is selected, Microsoft Visual Studio might need to update itself. The process should not take more then a couple of minutes.

2. Select "Solution 'RedisServer' (6 projects)"
   in the Solution Explorer.
3. Right Click and Select "Build Solution".

Install Redis on Windows 2

Once the build is complete, you should see something like this:

Install Redis on Windows 3

This should complete the install process of Redis on Windows.


4. Start Redis Server Using Windows Command Prompt

1. Start -> "Search programs and files" -> Type cmd

Once the command prompt is open, please cd to the MSOpenTech-redis-51804f1 directory and then:

cd msvs
cd Debug

This should start the Redis Server and you should see something like the following:
Install Redis on Windows 5


5. Start Redis Command Line Interface 

In the ..\MSOpenTech-redis-51804f1\msvs\Debug directory:


This should start the Redis Command Line Interface.

So these steps should allow you to install and use the Redis-Server, and Redis Command Line on Windows. As always, if this tutorial was helpful to you, then please do not forget to leave a comment, or two. :)

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